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Want to submit an Adult site to Search Engines? Start with Booble- The Adult Search Engine

Please read the following before submitting to Booble

The Adult Commerce & Webmaster Resource Center

Your site must provide a clear link to Booble. It costs nothing to list your site in Booble; all we ask in return is a link back to us or a link to your affiliate program. If your site does not link back to Booble it won't be listed. If your link is hard to find please give us a heads-up in the "comments" field.

The content of submitted listings MUST be in relation to adult entertainment. Surfers do not come to Booble for real estate, car parts, or travel deals. If your site is not themed accordingly, it will not be listed.

We will no longer accept sites containing more ads than content. Likewise, pages containing excessive consoles; mousetraps; spyware; suspicious scripts; file sharing tools; etc. will not be listed. The concept of partnership is important to us, but our users come first.

We are no longer accepting stores, link lists, or TGPs that reside on free hosted sites ( The exceptions to this rule are escort sites or groups where the page represents a specific person or relevant product or service. Blogs will only be listed if longevity and quality are obvious. Booble strongly encourages everyone to register their own domains and pay for hosting.

Sorry, we're not listing individual thumbnail posts.

Please do not insert a bunch of meta tags as the description of your site. Your description should clearly indicate to surfers what your site is about. Please use complete sentences or your site will not be listed.

Please allow 12 to 16 weeks for your site to start appearing in Booble. We review hundreds of sites every week, by hand. We also sort through a good deal of spam. Though it takes a while to process submissions this way, it does help to ensure your site gets listed in the proper category. Please do not ask why your site has not been listed if it's been less than 12 to 16 weeks since you submitted to us. reserves the right to index sites at its discretion. Please don't throw a hissy fit if we choose not to list your site in our directory.

Questions? Click here for more details

Please allow Booble 12 to 16 weeks to process a site request.

Please provide the following information:
Have you submitted this to us before?
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Website Title:
Website URL:
Affiliate URL:
Or, URL of page on your
site where we can find
a link to
Site Description: 175 characters MAXIMUM, INCLUDING SPACES. ASCII characters only. No MS Word or double-byte text, please.
Additional webmaster comments, suggestions, etc. (500 character max):

To link to

Text Links: Use this linking code: - The Adult Search Engine

Use this code to put a Booble search box on your site:

Banners: Use one of the following banners below, and link directly to Please download the image to your local site, no image hotlinking.

Submit Adult Site to Search Engine- Details: is a search engine for adult and adult-related websites. Booble is dedicated to providing surfers with high-quality adult search results. Booble's Editor evaluates and indexes each adult content site submitted to the Booble search engine. These manually-generated results give users an objective and organized guide to the myriad of adult content on the Web. For more about Booble and our Company, please click here.

Booble Webmaster Requirements (Detailed):

1. Affiliate and Linking Requirement:

a. Submitted sites must have an affiliate program


b. If the submitted site does not have an affiliate program, it must link to Booble from the site's home page.

-Site submissions without a Booble link will be rejected without advance notice.

-link to Booble could make use of one of the Booble banners.

2. Temporary Logins:

If your site is membership-based, please provide a temporary login and password. Booble requests these for the rare occasions that a site'scontent is not readily apparent. A cursory review will allow the Booble webmaster to accurately categorize and index the site, and assures that surfers will find your site.

3. Site Description Requirement:

a. 175 characters MAXIMUM, INCLUDING SPACES. Webmasters must include a description of their site. No description, no inclusion. Review our other listings for ideas. b. Description must be in ASCII characters only. No MS Word or double-byte text, please. c. Description must be accurate, with correct spelling and reasonable grammar.

Example: No: TEENCHUBBERS!!!!!! Is the phatass-est site .. Fucking BITJES suck cockz, get fuckt.

Yes: TeenChubbers features original streaming video and downloads of BBW teens in straight and lesbian xxx scenes.

4. Processing Requirement:

a. Please allow Booble 12 to 16 weeks to process requests.

b. Submit your site only ONE TIME. If you submitted a site more than 8 to 12 weeks before and haven't seen it listed, please email the webmaster directly.

5. Content Requirement:

We may reject, delete, or exclude sites that offer or link to the following:

* Content that violates the guidelines of Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP).
* Other overtly obscene or illegal content such as bestiality, scat, or rape.
* Domains that are spammers.
* Viruses, spyware or Adware.
* Mousetraps.
* Redirects, especially the meta-refresh redirect.
* Search engine spam such as stacked keywords or irrelevant keywords.
* Fraudulent sites.
* Security risks.
* Other questionable behavior that violates the integrity of our index.

If you have questions about these requirements, please email us before you submit the site.

6. Webmaster Maintenance Requirement:

Webmasters are responsible for policing their sites to ensure that their content remains Booble-friendly. Booble - The Adult Search Engine reviews sites in its index regularly. If a site we have accepted is later found to violate any of our requirements, we will remove it without notice.

We always look forward to hearing back from our users and webmaster partners. Please email us with any questions or concerns, comments or suggestions. We depend on feedback from all of you to help make Booble a better experience for everyone.

Privacy Concerns:

Booble does not sell or share email addresses or other private information with any third party. We take privacy very seriously.